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  Tobacco - Product list
TO102 10 Reasons Not to Smoke Pregnant –brochure
TO105 Band-Protecting My Baby
TO109 InFocus: Landlords: Smoke Costs a Fortune –pamphlet
TO111 InFocus: Menthol Cigarettes –pamphlet
TO110 InFocus: Take It Outside, Indoor Smoking Kills –pamphlet
TO104 Pregnancy and SHS –brochure
TO084 Quitline Iowa Brochure: African/American
TO085 Quitline Iowa Brochure: American Indian
TO088 Quitline Iowa Brochure: Hispanic/Latino - Spanish Language
TO083 Quitline Iowa Brochure: LGBT
TO005 Quitline Iowa Flyer: When You're Ready to Quit Smoking, We're Here
TO011 Quitline Iowa Pamphlet: Cuando usted este' listo para dejar de fumar, nosotros estamos aqui para ayudarle (When You're Ready to Quit Smoking, We're Here)
TO001 Quitline Iowa Quit Cards - Beat Stress
TO002 Quitline Iowa Quit Cards - Busy Hands
TO003 Quitline Iowa Quit Cards - Get Rewarded
TO007 Quitline Iowa Quit Cards - Spanish Language
TO103 SHS and Your New Baby –brochure
TO101 Smoking and Your Heart –brochure
TO074 Tobacco Card: Hooked on Hookah/the Truth about Hookah-4" X 6" size card
TO040 Tobacco Pamphlet: 50 cosas que debes saber sobre el tabaco (50 Things you Should Know About Tobacco)
TO046 Tobacco Pamphlet: Consecuencias para la salud por fumar (Health Consequences of Smoking)
TO024 Tobacco Pamphlet: Cuando otros fuman (Other People's Tobacco Pamphlet: Smoke)
TO053 Tobacco Pamphlet: Dejar de fumar: Problemas comunes, buenas soluciones (QuittingSmoking- Common Problems- Good Solutions)
TO026 Tobacco Pamphlet: Hookahs, Yes or No?
TO013 Tobacco Pamphlet: Kid Care Don't Smoke Here
TO027 Tobacco Pamphlet: Other People’s Smoke
TO028 Tobacco Pamphlet: Pregnancy and Smoking
TO006 Tobacco Pamphlet: Secondhand Smoke-Asthma
TO047 Tobacco Pamphlet: Smoke Free Cars; A Guide for Parents and Other Drivers
TO078 Tobacco Pamphlet: Smoke Free Housing
TO077 Tobacco Pamphlet: Smoke Free Outdoors
TO004 Tobacco Pamphlet: Smoke-Free Iowa
TO070 Tobacco Pamphlet: Spanish-50 Things You Should Know About Spit Tobacco (50 Cosas Que Debes Saber Sobre El)
TO068 Tobacco Pamphlet: Spanish-Smoke Free Cars (Carros Sin Humo) A Guide for Parents & Other Drivers
TO064 Tobacco Pamphlet: Third-Hand Smoke-What It Is & How It Hurts Your Family
TO044 Tobacco Pamphlet: Tobacco Pipes and Hookahs
TO089 Tobacco Poster: Picture This Don't Smoke


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