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  Immunization - Product list
IM072 Adult Immunization Record
IM064 Certificate of Immunization - cardstock weight
IM030 Certificate of Immunization Exemption-Medical
IM031 Certificate of Immunization Exemption-Religious
IM035 English Pamphlet: Adolescent Immunizations
IM036 English Pamphlet: Adult Immunizations
IM034 English Pamphlet: Infant Immunizations
IM037 English Pamphlet: Influenza Immunizations
IM041 English Pamphlet: Perinatal Hepatitis B/Provider Trifold
IM060 IRIS Reminder/Recall Postcards
IM071 Master Index Card
IM054 Patient Eligibility Private Provider-English
IM052 Patient Eligibility Private Provider: SPANISH
IM053 Patient Eligibility Public Provider-English
IM051 Patient Eligibility Public Provider: SPANISH
IM033 Poster: HPV
IM061 Poster: Immunize for a Better Life-English
IM050 Poster: Immunize for a Better Life: SPANISH
IM063 Poster: Influenza Health Care Provider-Clinic Scheduler
IM062 Poster: Influenza Health Care Provider-employee
IM076 Poster: Influenza Public Clinic Scheduler
IM075 Poster: Influenza-Public
IM081 Poster: The Flu Ends with You
IM001 Poster:HPV Vaccine Is The Key 8.5x11
IM029 Poster:HPV Vaccine Is The Key 8.5x11 Spanish
IM067 Provisional Certificate of Immunization
IM045 SPANISH Pamphlet: Adolescent Immunizations
IM046 SPANISH Pamphlet: Adult Immunizations
IM049 SPANISH Pamphlet: Hepatitis B Immunization
IM044 SPANISH Pamphlet: Infant Immunizations
IM047 SPANISH Pamphlet: Influenza Immunizations
IM048 SPANISH Pamphlet: Iowa Immunization Law and You
IM070 Standard Immunization Parent Record
IM057 Temperature Log Chart-Celsius
IM056 Temperature Log Chart-Fahrenheit/2009
IM079 Vaccine Borrowing Report-between VFC & Private Vaccine
IM078 Vaccine Transferred between VFC Providers


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